Old but gold.

Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons @ TEDxSydney 2012 gives the best explanation about Quantum Computing I've watched

If you prefer a short version by the theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss

IBM has release an online service which allows you to play with quantum computer

  • You can request access here: https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/

  • You can create quantum algorithms, test and evaluate IBM’s Quantum Computer. It is for research purposes only and results are not guaranteed.

    • IBM Quantum Experience, consists of access to an actual Quantum Processor, Quantum Composer, Quantum Simulator, Scores, Results and Quantum website.

    • Scores, are user algorithms created by dragging gates to control Qubit functions in the Quantum Composer GUI to create Results.

    • Quantum Users Results, are results from running your score on the Quantum Hardware or Quantum Simulator.

  • Once you get the access, they also provide a good material to teach you the basics about quantum computing.

Here is a demo about the IBM Quantum Experience


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